Finders Keepers Doesn’t Apply To Unsightly Trash

Down here in Windermere, Orlando we have a historical landmark called the Cal Palmer Memorial Building. We know it as “Finders Keepers.” While it’s a cute name for a building, it’s a not a good way to look at trash. That’s why we’re dedicated to responding quickly and professionally when you call us. Our town is a beautiful place, and we do our part to keep it looking that way.

Our company is part of the community, but we’re also members of a larger group of dedicated service providers who work all across Florida. We’ve worked with people in every line of work in Florida and one thing we have learned providing our waste management services is that there is a solution for everyone.

There’s a lot going on in our town. Many kinds of people live, work, and play in Windermere, including more than 700 kids involved in the city’s Little League program. We’re only 15 minutes away from Disneyworld, especially if you take the back roads. A lot of construction has been happening, including a new mall. That’s bringing in tourists, commuters, and jobs. We’re glad to see the quality of life in our community continue to improve and as our town and county grow and change, we’ll be here to make sure it stays clean and beautiful.

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