Trash Compactor Repair

Many businesses rely on their compactors to reduce their costs associated with waste disposal as well as limit the amount of space required for waste storage. When you have a break down with your waste disposal system it can be a huge inconvenience and often requires renting additional containers as well as scheduling more frequent pick-ups. Our trained technician can be available to get your system up and running again.

Your waste compactor uses a combination of electrical circuits, hydraulics, and mechanical systems to perform its function. A failure in any one of these systems can stop the operation of your compactor. A mechanical breakdown is usually fairly obvious to detect since it will frequently be a broken part that you can easily see. We have the ability to attain parts for all of the different makes and models available as well as the experience to replace any broken parts quickly and properly.

In the event of a hydraulic failure it can be a little more difficult to diagnose. At times there will be visible signs of leakage from a cylinder or hydraulic line that is easily detectable but internal failures are also possible. One of our technicians can diagnose internal faults such as a failed control valve or a bypassing cylinder that require specialized training to detect.

The most difficult to diagnose, and one of the most frustrating problems, can be when you have a problem with an electrical circuit. These can sometimes be intermittent problems where your compactor works part of the time but fails the rest. Our qualified technicians will diagnose and correct complex electrical failures to get your system back up and running quickly.

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