The Right Size Dumpster

It is important to consider dumpster sizes when you are looking to make a purchase for your business. You do not want too large of a dumpster, or it will take up too much space. This could block places outside of your business where you need to have employee parking. You could also be paying too much for it based on the larger size. On the other hand, you do not want to get a dumpster that is too small. If you do, it will just fill up too quickly. Employees will be annoyed and you will have waste left over every week. You want to look at all of the dumpster sizes to determine which one you need. This keeps your place of businesses looking clean and professional and can actually help your sales. Overall, a dumpster can pay for itself once you have it put in place.

Here’s a guideline of determining dumpster sizes:

  • First, look at all of the dumpster sizes that are available.
  • Choose the one that you can afford and that sounds like it will work. If this decision is still too difficult, lay out an area on the ground that is set to the same dimensions. This will give you something to look at so that you can visualize the real size.
  • Once the dumpster has been ordered, monitor how much waste your company generates in a week.
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