We’re Providing Dumpster Rentals around Orlando for Several New Construction Projects

dumpster rental service in Orlando working on new construction projects

We’re excited to announce several new projects in and around Orlando. These projects are new construction, and we’re providing dumpsters as well as other construction necessities like portable toilets.

Construction is now underway on a new Nissan automotive dealership in Clermont, FL. We’re providing three 20-yard dumpsters to collect debris as the land is prepared for construction. We’ll also collect all of the typical construction waste like cardboard, paper, and even drywall to be hauled to either a local facility or landfill.

We’ve also recently secured several other projects. A new liquor store, ABC Liquor, is under construction, located on Hwy 50 in Clermont. We’re partnering with general contractor RD Michaels, Inc.

Additional projects include the construction of a new 4,000-square-foot home in Mt. Dora. We’re partnering with The Collage Companies Construction and providing both 20-yard dumpsters to collect debris and portable toilets for the workers. In Orlando, we’re working with Aagaard Juergensen, Inc., commercial general contractors, on the construction of a new office building. We’re also providing 20-yard dumpsters on that project.

20-yard dumpsters, as well as 30-yard dumpsters, are a common size to collect construction debris, especially during demolition or the early stages of construction. Waste collected during this time, such as concrete, is often larger and heavier and the smaller size dumpster will not be too heavy to transport once filled. These are called roll-off dumpsters. They are open at the top and are transported by specialized trucks and can be left at construction sites until they are ready to haul.

We’re capable of providing dumpsters for and working on multiple projects simultaneously. We can provide multiple hauls each day so that construction projects are never delayed simply because dumpsters are full. As an independent hauler, we’re able to haul to the nearest facility, saving you time and money. In addition, as a LEED-certified company, we’re familiar with the process and we are capable of recycling much of the debris collected that is typically disposed of in landfills.

For more on how our rental process works, please visit our FAQ page.

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