Residential Dumpster Rental Helps You Tackle Big Cleanup Projects

rent roll off dumpsters in orlando

If you’re planning a spring cleaning or home renovation project in the new year, consider renting a dumpster. We often share how our roll-off dumpsters are working on construction sites around Orlando, but smaller size dumpsters, however, are always available for rental by homeowners.

Roll-off dumpsters are commonly used to collect large amounts of waste and debris during home renovation projects (such as redoing your bathroom or kitchen), or large-scale cleaning projects (like emptying your cluttered attic or garage).

10-yard and 20-yard dumpsters are the most common sized dumpsters that are rented for residential use. We often suggest the 20-yard dumpster because the larger size can accommodate both small and mid-size jobs without filling up too quickly. With a 20-yard dumpster, you can get the job done quicker because we won’t have to make as many trips hauling your filled dumpster to the landfill or recycling center.

The 20-yard roll-off dumpster is 22 feet long and 4 to 4.5 feet tall. It’s completely open at the top, so you can easily dump your waste. Roll-off dumpsters are delivered to your home on a special truck outfitted with a flat bed that tilts for loading and unloading.

The dumpsters can be placed anywhere on your property as long as it is accessible to our trucks and does not block traffic on your street. If you live in a neighborhood with an active homeowners’ association (HOA), please check with them regarding placement restrictions or rules regarding the amount of time a dumpster can remain on your property.

There are several items that are never allowed in our dumpsters because they are cost-prohibitive or are unsafe for disposal. These items include:

  • Appliances
  • Anything that has an electrical power plug
  • Tires
  • Paint
  • Chemicals, including common household items that may be environmentally harmful
  • Gasoline, motor oil, antifreeze and other automotive chemicals

If you’re undertaking a large project, we can provide multiple pick-ups to haul away waste and debris, returning the empty dumpsters to your home.

Start your project today! Call us at 407-843-7990 for pricing and details for residential dumpster rentals.

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