Recycling Debris from the Construction of a New Apartment Community in Orlando

recycle construction debris in orlando

Sunshine Recycling is currently on the building site of a new 334-unit apartment complex, Altis at Sand Lake, in Orlando. We are providing several sizes of construction dumpsters plus portable toilets and holding tanks for the construction trailers.

We have 30-yard dumpsters to collect typical construction debris. We are also providing 20-yard dumpsters to collect and haul concrete and metals for recycling. The new apartment complex is located at 7001 Palm Parkway and joins a family of communities located across Florida in Broward County, Coconut Creek, Pembrook Pines and Tampa.

Recycling Construction Debris

As a LEED-certified construction and waste management company, we are capable of hauling and recycling typical construction debris. Common construction debris is similar to items recycled at home and include paper, plastics, metal and wood. Other kinds of debris like brick and concrete can also be recycled.

Regardless if a job is LEED-certified, we are able to collect and haul debris specifically to be recycled. As an independent hauler, we can haul your recyclables to a facility closest to your job site which will often save you money in the end. In addition, recycling is a cost-effective initiative because it’s usually less expensive than abandoning your waste in a landfill.

For this job, we’ve provided 20-yard dumpsters to collect concrete and metal to be recycled. This container is the recommended size for collecting heavy and bulky debris. Using a larger container to collect larger debris might make sense at first, but larger dumpsters can easily be filled beyond recommended capacity. This means that not only are those dumpsters harder to load, haul and empty but they will also cost you more because you’ll fill the dumpster beyond your allowed tonnage.

If you are working on new construction in Orlando, please give us a call. We offer many benefits to contractors including same-day service and dumpster delivery and multiple hauls to fit your construction schedule.

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