Residential Dumpsters

Residential Dumpster
Redoing your kitchen or bathroom? Need to clean out your attic or basement? Doing some major yard work? As much work as these jobs can be, you’re not really done with the project until you’ve disposed of all the rubbish and waste you’ve collected. With a dumpster rental from Sunshine Recycling, that task couldn’t be easier.

We provide roll-off dumpster rentals to Orlando area homeowners at affordable rates and unbeatable terms. Roll-off dumpsters are a good option for collecting and hauling away debris generated from large cleaning projects or home renovations when there’s too much to leave on the curb for the regular garbage pickup.

There’s no end to the types of household projects that could benefit from a roll-off dumpster. Most often, though, homeowners rent dumpsters for residential projects such as:

  • Attic, basement or garage clean-outs.
  • Remodeling or renovation projects (new additions, bathrooms or kitchens).
  • Roofing repair or replacement.
  • Extensive yard projects where shrubs, trees, sod, play equipment, etc., are removed.
  • Whole-house cleaning prior to moving or an estate sale.
  • Emptying an abandoned home.
  • Deck, shed or garage demolition.
  • Clean-up following a natural disaster.
  • Repair of water damage or mold remediation.
  • Disposal of large items that can’t fit in city trash containers or be hauled by a city garbage truck.

To rent one of our dumpsters, you just need to call us and tell us your needs, including when you want the dumpster. If you call us on a weekday before 10 a.m., we can usually deliver the dumpster the same day. If you call us after 10 am, we’ll most likely deliver the dumpster the next day. Once we deliver the dumpster, you can start filling it up. When it’s all loaded, we’ll pick it up, dispose of it for you, and recycle as much of the discarded materials as we possibly can.

What can—and can’t—be put in the dumpsters

Our roll-off waste containers are big and sturdy, and can hold just about anything. All of the following items can be discarded in them:

  • Trash or garbage.
  • General household items (housewares, clothing, mattresses, toys, rugs, etc.).
  • Furniture (sofa, chairs, tables, etc.).
  • Paper products, including cardboard.
  • Yard waste (leaves, tree branches, debris, etc.).
  • Remodeling and construction debris (drywall or sheetrock, asphalt, lumber, flooring, cabinetry, siding, brick, concrete, roofing shingles, windows, etc.).
  • Scrap metals and other recyclables.

There are several items, however, that we can’t accept or haul, including:

  • Appliances containing Freon (e.g. refrigerators, air conditioners).
  • Motor oil and other automobile fluids.
  • Automobile batteries.
  • Transmission/hydraulic oil.
  • Paint, varnish and solvents.
  • Fireworks or other explosives.
  • Whole tires.
  • Asbestos materials.
  • Medical waste.
  • Animal carcasses.

What size dumpster should you rent and for how long?

While we have a variety of roll-off dumpster sizes and services available, we recommend 10-yard dumpsters or 20-yard dumpsters for most residential rentals.

These sizes are smaller, so they will fit better on your property. They are also less expensive, and are easier to fill. Larger sized dumpsters have higher sides and often require the use of special construction equipment to dispose of waste properly.

Homeowners may rent a dumpster for up to two weeks. If you need the dumpster for a longer period of time or require multiple hauls, please contact us for a customized dumpster rental plan.

Where’s the best area to place a dumpster?

We can deliver and place a dumpster anywhere on your property as long as the dumpster is easily accessible to our truck for loading and unloading. Typically we will unload a dumpster into a front yard or backyard, or on the driveway.

If you live in a neighborhood with an active homeowner’s association (HOA), be sure to check with them regarding specific rules or regulations about where a dumpster can be placed and to find out if there are any limits to how long a dumpster can remain on your property.

Ready to book?

If you’d like a price quote for a dumpster or if you have questions about our dumpster rental services, give us a call at 407-843-7990. We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can!

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