At Sunshine Recycling, recycling is our top priority. With every dumpster and hauling job we take, we renew our commitment to providing our clients, customers and the entire community with the most thorough, environmentally-sound and cost-effective recycling solutions. Effective recycling is important, as it keeps debris out of our local landfills. Additionally, if the debris is processed in an energy plant, recycling can help produce energy, which in turns, allows the production of more consumer and construction goods.

For your convenience, we offer “single stream” recycling hauling to customers with our trash compactors and front load dumpsters. We also provide this same method of recycling hauling for construction debris to our builder clients (however, at this time we do not provide residential curb collection services for refuse or recycling).

Single stream recycling is a system in which paper products, cardboard, plastics, glass, tin cans, aluminum products are all mixed together in one collection receptacle during pickup. After the materials are collected, they are brought to a material recovery processing facility. There, the materials are loaded onto conveyor belts. What’s recyclable is then sorted out using a combination of hand sorters and automated separators (sensors, magnets, etc.).

What Can be Recycled?

A lot of people do not realize that many of the most common household items, office rubbish, and construction and demolition debris can be recycled. In a household, items made from cardboard, paper, aluminum, glass, plastic and wood can be recycled. A lot of construction and landscape debris can also be recycled, including asphalt, bricks and brick pavers, concrete and concrete pavers, gypsum wallboard (sheet rock), metals, plastics, glass, wood scraps, plywood and particle board, carpet, insulation, roofing materials, trim, trees and scrub brush.

How Are Materials Recycled?

Once the recyclable materials have been sorted out and collected, they can be reused to create similar types of products. For example, cardboard and paper can be recycled into other cardboard or paper products including printed publications, packaging and to-go boxes. Recycled plastic bottles can be turned into new containers for cleaning products, beverages and other consumer goods.

Asphalt and concrete can be broken down and used again to create new asphalt or concrete. Larger pieces also have environmental applications and can be used to prevent erosion.

Recycled wood has many applications. It can be used to create mulch, wood chips or fertilizer. Wood can be used in composting and landscaping, and sawdust can be used for pet bedding or cat litter, and to create chipboard and fiberboard.

Recycling Reports

At Sunshine Recycling, our goal is to dispose of your cleanup project’s waste in a environmentally-friendly manner, using recycling, rather than send waste material to landfills and incinerators. We take recycling very seriously.

We’re LEED certified by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which enables us to work on green building projects that require tracking and reporting of all materials that are recycled. For these jobs, we can provide percentages of all the materials collected, hauled and recycled. On average, we are able to recycle 98 percent of all the debris and trash we collect.

Want to learn more about recycling?

As a dedicated environmental steward, Sunshine Recycling understands the importance of recycling and is committed to providing clients and customers with quality recycling solutions and programs that fit their specific needs. When you rent a dumpster from us, you are supporting a company dedicated not only to exceptional customer service, but also to taking good care of the environment and recycling and reusing whatever we can.

If you’d like to learn more about our recycling efforts, or if you’re interested in knowing more about what can and can’t be recycled, please give our office a call 407-843-7990. We’re happy to spread the word about recycling, any chance we get.

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